Backpack is a bag or rucksack carried on one’s back and supported by a strap that goes over the head, shoulder, and hip or a single strap that goes over one shoulder. It usually has two large compartments with the one on the wearer’s back usually bigger than the other.

A backpack is typically worn by students attending school either as part of their education or for carrying their lunch, books, and additional items from home to school. A backpack also offers comfort to people carrying heavier loads.

Tips to buy the best Backpack

1.The color

The backpack you choose will determine the color of your backpack. The most popular colors such as blue, army green, black and brown are all common.


The material is designed to resist wear and tear and limit damage to the environment. Cotton for example is light in weight, inexpensive and durable but takes a long time to dry so it is not the best option if you plan on taking your backpack out after school or before bedtime just because it stains. Polyester packs are light but they can be very hot during summer or cold during winter so make sure that you have a back-up when this happens.

3.The bag size

Most school bags are designed to carry laptops, notebooks and bigger items. If you do not plan on carrying any of these things, then it is best to choose one that is designed for students who are not carrying heavy items in their backpacks. Some backpack come with front pockets to keep some smaller items like a calculator or a small pencil case handy.

4.Number of Compartments

There are backpacks that do not have compartments while others have at least two compartments depending on size and material choice of the backpack itself. The more divisions or pockets it has in the backpack, the better because you can organise your stuff better and find them faster when needed.