Wedding gowns, considered an often overlooked part of a wedding, are one of the most important things. Wedding dresses can mean different things to different people, but they’re mostly known for their dressy looks and set-backs accentuating the bride’s waist and backside. However, other features make a suitable wedding gown, such as being figure flattering and having underwire support


This is not a necessity for all weddings, but it can be used to help distract people’s eyes from your other flaws. A strapless dress is always safe because it doesn’t have any straps pulling your attention from what you want them to focus on your dress and figure!


You should be able with ease to lift the back of your wedding dress without difficulty or struggling. There should also be room to move around freely in. If it’s tight or you can’t move around, the dress is too small, and you need to go down a size.

Floor length

A floor-length wedding dress is a safe bet, just in case you make the wrong decision on your figure. It will cover up any unintentional bumps or bulges that may be there.


Beading and embellishments are a fun way of making your wedding gown more unique than others in the same style. Make sure that they aren’t too much, though, as this can make it look tacky and silly if they’re not placed well on the dress.


There should be enough room to move around in your dress without hurting or even being uncomfortable after the wedding. You will be dancing and having fun, so you don’t want to have any pain during that time. What you also wear changes depending on the kind of shoes you’re wearing. Some dresses can fit over sneakers, and some can’t so check before you buy if your shoes will fit inside your dress.


Don’t forget about lace either-or at least think of something more practical first, like the ones that make your dress look more like a swimsuit than a wedding gown. A lace overlay is excellent, as it adds a touch of class and elegance to an otherwise ordinary dress.

Many more factors go into making one of the most important dresses you’ll wear in your life, but these are the ones you should consider before deciding which dress is best for you.