Straight jeans are some of the most popular and trendy jeans currently on the market, but they can seem intimidating to those who aren’t used to wearing straight denim. Straight denim trousers are typically a more relaxed best-fit item, which means that the waist is not too rigid and the leg opening isn’t too tight. Straight jeans are also known for having a fuller leg and thigh area, so they can be worn in many different ways.

Tips to buy the best straight jeans

1. Try out the jeans on before you buy them

You will want to find a pair of jeans that are loose enough so that they don’t fall off your hips but snug enough so that they fit well through your legs. You may need to try out different pairs by taking off your shoes and sitting down while wearing them.

2. Look at the pockets and back pocket seams

Straight denim trousers usually have one or two pockets on the back, but jeans with additional pockets may give you a more structured look. The back pocket should also be about 2 inches deep or deeper for added safety in case of an accident.

3. Be aware of the weight of the denim

You will want to choose lightweight, mid-weight or heavyweight denim according to how cool you generally feel. The lighter the denim, the cooler and more comfortable you will feel in warm weather. Heavier denims are great for cold weather and can be layered easily under jeans for added warmth.

4. Make sure that your denim is really stretchy

Most straight models have been cut with at least 2% spandex or elastin so that they move with your body without losing their shape or ripping easily. If you don’t want to bother too much with the washing machine, a more durable denim may be worth looking into.

5. Make sure that your denim is pre-shrunken

All denim will shrink a little bit when it’s washed, but pre-shrunken denim will adapt and fit better after the initial wash. This can be especially important if you like to choose your own jeans size according to your body measurements rather than going by the label.

6. Ask how the denim has been washed and finished

Make sure that any pair of jeans you are considering buying has been professionally washed, pressed and finished with special treatments for long life and fade resistance.